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September is Update Your Resume Month!

September is Update Your Resume Month! September is Update Your Resume Month and I am taking this opportunity to encourage YOU to update your resume! You never know when you will need to provide your resume to someone on short notice, so it’s a good idea to keep it as current as possible. Even if your job is secure, you could receive a sudden opportunity to step into a position with more responsibility. Or perhaps your boss will ask you for your resume to include in a contract proposal. I have many clients who end up paying rush fees unnecessarily because they did not prepare for unanticipated resume requests! Here are my top 10 recommendations to avoid the panic of a last-minute scramble to update your resume: Check your contact information. Are your address and phone number accurate? Is your LinkedIn Profile URL included on your resume? Read your Summary statement. Does it reflect your most current capabilities and achievements? If not, update it! Use specifics about yourself rather than overinflated â€Å"resume speak.† Add any skills / core competencies that you have added to your tool kit. Review the dates of all your employment positions and confirm that they are correct. List your most current position on your resume! (Perhaps you got a promotion that you haven’t gotten around to listing yet?) Include a result or impact in every bullet if at all possible. Companies care about what you achieved much more than they do about your job duties! Don’t ignore your duties and skills, but relate them to an achievement. If you have achieved something notable since you last updated your resume (and if it’s been more than a few months, I hope you have), add it to your current position’s bullets! Keep a running list of your metrics and achievements so that you can easily insert this information into your resume! Search and strip out any redundant or irrelevant information on your resume. If a past achievement or skill is not relevant to where you’re headed now, there’s no need to include it. Check your formatting with an eagle eye. Is every bullet consistently formatted? Are the fonts cohesive throughout? Have you printed the document to make sure it looks good on paper? Don’t risk being judged as detail-UNoriented! Create a version of your resume that meets the requirements of ATS systems (computer systems that read your resume). If you’re not familiar with how to do this, read Tip #43 in How to Write a WINNING Resume. For more detail on how to accomplish these 10 resume update recommendations, you might want to look at my e-books How to Write a WINNING Resume or How to Write a STELLAR Executive Resume. You can receive a free excerpt of both How to Write a WINNING Resume and How to Write a STELLAR Executive Resume by signing up for The Essay Experts job search e-list right here. Do you have other ideas on how to use Update Your Resume Month to its fullest advantage? Please share in the comments! Category:Resume TipsBy Brenda BernsteinSeptember 8, 2014

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The Tropical Rainforests Of The World Essays - Forest Ecology

The Tropical Rainforests Of The World Essays - Forest Ecology The Tropical Rainforests Of The World In this term paper, I will explain the great importance of the tropical Rainforests around the world and discuss the effects of the tragedy of rainforest destruction and the effect that it is having on the earth. I will talk about the efforts being made to help curb the rate of rainforest destruction and the peoples of the rainforest, and I will explore a new topic in the fight to save the rainforest, habitat fragmentation. Another topic being discussed is the many different types of rainforest species and their uniqueness from the rest of the world. First, I will discuss the many species of rare and exotic animals, Native to the Rainforest. Tropical Rainforests are home to many of the strangest looking and most beautiful, largest and smallest, most dangerous and least frightening, loudest and quietest animals on earth. There are many types of animals that make their homes in the rainforest some of them include: jaguars, toucans, parrots, gorillas, and tarantulas. There are so many fascinating animals in tropical rainforest that millions have not even identified yet. In fact, about half of the worlds species have not even been identified yet. But sadly, an average of 35 species of rainforest animals are becoming extinct every day. So many species of animals live in the rainforest than any other parts of the world because rainforests are believed to be the oldest ecosystem on earth. Some forests in southeast Asia have been around for at least 100 million years, ever since the dinosaurs have roamed the earth. During the ice ages, the last of which occurred about 10,000 years ago, the frozen areas of the North and South Poles spread over much of the earth, causing huge numbers of extinctions. But the giant freeze did not reach many tropical rainforests. Therefore, these plants and animals could continue to evolve, developing into the most diverse and complex ecosystems on earth. The nearly perfect conditions for life also help contribute to the great number of species. With temperatures constant at about 75-80 degrees Fahrenheit the whole year, the animals dont have to worry about freezing during the cold winters or finding hot shade in the summers. They rarely have to search for water, as rain falls almost every day in tropical rainforests. Some rainforest species have populations that number in the millions. Other species consist of only a few dozen individuals. Living in limited areas, most of these species are found nowhere else on earth. For example, the maues marmoset, a species of monkey, wasnt discovered until recently. Its entire tiny population lives within a few square miles in the Amazon rainforest. This species of monkey is so small that it could fit into a persons hand! In a rainforest, it is difficult to see many things other than the millions of insects creeping and crawling around in every layer of the forest. Scientists estimate that there are more than 50 million different species of invertebrates living in rainforests. A biologist researching the rainforest found 50 different of ants on a single tree in Peru! A few hours of poking around in a rainforest would produce several insects unknown to science. The constant search for food , water, sunlight and space is a 24-hour pushing and shoving match. With this fierce competition, it is amazing that that so many species of animals can all live together. But this is actually the cause of the huge number of the different species. The main secret lies in the ability of many animals to adapt to eating a specific plant or animal, which few other species are able to eat. An example of such adaptations would be the big beaks of the toucans and parrots. Their beaks give them a great advantage over other birds with smaller beaks. The fruits and nuts from many trees have evolved with a tough shell to protect them from predators. In turn toucans and parrots developed large, strong beaks, which serves as a nutcracker and provides them with many tasty meals. Many animal species have developed relationships with each other that benefit both species. Birds and mammal species love to eat the tasty fruits provided by trees. Even fish living in the Amazon River rely on the fruits dropped from forest trees. In turn, the fruit trees depend upon these animals to eat their fruit, which helps them to spread their seeds to far - off parts of the forest. In some cases both species are so dependent upon each other

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Final Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Final - Essay Example The physical environment includes topography of the country, climate and the amount of rainfall. Presence of the forest and valleys helps in formation of rainfall which in turn improves the climate of the Amazon and is environs. The relationship between these physical elements it to be should all point towards a healthy environment. The trends manifested are that demand for land is increasing with the ever increasing population and unemployment thus leading to deforestation. Also, in most of the rich countries the pressure on forest has subsidized due to manageable population levels (The Economist, 2010a). As UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon pointed out, â€Å"Tackling climate change, water scarcity, biodiversity loss and ecosystem degradation, and addressing shifting demographic and consumption patterns, will require bold new approaches.† (Ki-moon, 2011: 5) Q2: The social domain in deforestation is that people are to exercise self responsibility in the preservation of forests and the organisms that dwell in there. This is because forests are being cleared for agricultural purposes. There are campaigns by NGOs, vigils and FAO who are in the front line to protect the survival of the rainforests. According to a recent report by the Royal Institute of International Affairs, it showed that illegal logging has been greatly reduced in Brazil, Indonesia and Cameroon. In the DR Congo the forests have not been greatly affected but the recent trends show that with ever increasing population the forest is bound to clearance and other illegal logging activities. Most tropical deforestation is due to the ever expanding commercial ranching and agriculture propelled by the rocketing domestic and global demand for food, biofuel and fiber. Therefore, foreign governments and investors are scouting to buy cheap and well watered tropical land( The Economist, 2010b) Q3: The government of Brazil has formed a committee involving 14 ministries to design and execute plan for red ucing Amazon deforestation. Monitoring and controlling of illegal logging have been stepped up. Moreover, Brazil has installed advanced and transparent remote sensing systems for monitoring deforestation, relaying monthly and yearly estimates which are then posted to the internet. Also, in the pipeline is system for detecting illegal logging (DETEX) which is being developed. By Brazil advocating for lower prices for soya beans in the international community market brings down the levels of deforestation by 52% since 2004. In addition, due to the difficulties in attaching property rights to tree species, the Brazilian government has liaised with other NGOs and the international community on legal protection of tree species( The Economist 2010c) Q4: With the ever increasing population the Brazilian Government faces the challenge of overpopulation, debilitating poverty and scarce job opportunities experienced in the country. Before the global crisis the economy was robust and it averag ed to about 4.4% yearly from 2004-2007 and 6.4% for the first three quarters of 2008. The global recession hit the economy hard leading to jobs being lost and collapse of industries. Between November 2009 and March2010 almost 500 thousand jobs were lost in Brazil. The government in its bid to boost the economy it increased wages, social transfers and made

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Discuss The roles of power and social stratification Essay

Discuss The roles of power and social stratification - Essay Example These western influences impacted on Lia’s family in several ways; first of all, they became entangled in constant tugs of war with the American doctors who brushed of Hmong strong cultural beliefs as unreasonable and stupid. On the contrary, Lia’s family believed in the Hmong beliefs, and in it, was confused by the medicine administered by the doctors together with the Hmong rituals they were still holding onto. The other effect that Lia’s family encountered while on foreign soil was that by accepting the [new] western cultures. To them, the western cultures were overly rude and disrespectful as was seen in the medical settings. In the Hmong beliefs, a doctor could not undress a patient or use powerful drugs on them. These were, however allowed in America. Again, they did not understand the medical explanation for epilepsy as an effect to the brain; rather, they perceived of it as â€Å"exit† of one’s soul, which to them was caused by Lia’s sister banging the door to her little sister. These are some of the cultural challenges they encountered in America. On the other hand, the statuses of the Hmong were also affected by their arrival to America. At the outset, they comprehended that they had plunged themselves into an excessively stratifying culture, and in the segregation that followed, they felt less welcome and enslaved in the west. This is because the westerners perceived on the Hmong as inferior and â€Å"contaminators† of their culture. As such, they looked upon them as mere aliens invading their land and went on to be rather harsh on them. The effect of this was the Hmong is acquiring lower levels of esteem while on foreign soil. On the other hand, they also deteriorated materially in that they did not find any worthy jobs to act as sources of life for them and had to compete with unemployed Americans in seeking for demeaning jobs. Their unemployment statuses were

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Impact on management science Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Impact on management science - Essay Example To answer this question it is necessary to examine the nature of HRM and its role in strategic organizational development and planning. Whilst top management must always accept the need for innovation there is still the decision as to which opportunities it wishes to develop in relation to its resources and those it chooses not to pursue. An effective business strategy depends upon the successful management of opportunities and coordination of HR in order to create a competitive advantage. Taking into account that HRM is not an independent part of business, it is possible to assume that HRM is a strategic activity aimed to respond effectively to changes and business transformations. The basis strategic HRM is that every manager is given a clear idea of the results expected. The human resources function is now highly specialized and perhaps can be said to be at the centre of conflict between labour and capital. They in effect operate on the 'boundary' between the workforce and the organization. Human resource management is that part of the process of management that is concerned with the maintenance of human relationships and ensuring the physical well-being of employees so that they give the maximum contribution to efficient working. It is obviously closely related to the management process as a whole and each functional manager and supervisor applies the principles effectively. Departmental managers, by effective leadership, ensure human resources policy is adhered to and department activities are successfully carried out. Michael Armstrong (2003) proposes the following definition of HRM: " the concept of HRM could be regarded as a philosophy governing how employees should be treated in the interests of the organization. But this philosophy can be applied in many different ways and there is no single model which can be used to describe HRM (p 23)" A logical approach to the consideration of this function is to look first of all at the problem of overall company organization and manpower planning, then the operations necessary to implement the plan, that is, recruitment and selection, training and development, and wage and salary administration. Other aspects of human resource management include industrial relations and the law of employment, welfare and safety, and other employee services. The importance is that the process of HRM is extremely important and continues to advance rapidly and change becomes imperative. When an organization develops a highly committed work force, coupled with enlightened management, its self-managed multifunction teams will be able to take on the challenges of the future (Price, 2004). Driven Forces of Strategic Intent to Planning Social Change as a Driven Force of Strategic Intent in HRM Social change creates new HR policies and training needs. For example, as more people travel abroad and experience the high levels of customer service in North America and the Far East they become more demanding in their expectations for customer service at home. As a further example, in society women's right to occupy jobs at the highest levels in companies and institutions. Both these examples indicate the need for HR training, the first in customer care skills and the second in management skills for women. In this situation, training is a strategic tool of the entire organization realized

Capital punishment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Capital punishment - Essay Example They presented the argument that capital punishment was the cruel form of punishing the criminals which is most often applied on innocent people. However, there are many counter-arguments against it supporting the death penalty. This paper intends to support the statement that capital punishment is cruel and should be abolished, and discusses the application of this unjust punishment on Hispanic community and minorities living in Texas. Ethics do not allow a government to take lives of its nationals. There is good number of chances that innocent lives will be put to death under this punishment and there can be no compensation for this. It is possible that capital punishment converts to manslaughter by killing someone convicted of murder, when the murderer says that it was not murder but an inadvertent killing like killing in self-defense. An example is the open and shut case of James McNicol who was put to death in December 1945. Although James did not oppose the conviction of murder , but after his death, Elaine Merrilees, his niece discovered that he was only guilty of manslaughter and not murder. Also, in Texas, death penalty has deepened its roots strongly and the victims are often Hispanics and the minorities who are killed due to racial discrimination. Marquart et al. (1998) affirm that: Rather than systematically sentencing younger minorities to death, murderers of all racial categories who received death tended to be younger than the larger pool of imprisoned convicted murderers- although the difference in age between Hispanics sentenced to death or those imprisoned was not statistically significant (p.86). The family of the one being put to capital punishment suffers very badly. Negative impacts are inflicted on their innocent minds because they have to come to terms not only with the sentence of their loved one but also with his death, and that too so cruelly. Therefore, the agony of the murderer’s family and relations should not be ignored. The lawyer, John B.S. Edwards (1959), writes in the Rotarian magazine that many countries have now abolished the capital punishment because â€Å"society in those countries is more shocked by the death penalty than impressed with the need for it† (p.10). Also, the criminals are also human beings and it is necessary that their feelings toward their family should not be ignored when the crime is not that violent. This can be better understood by the example that China shot an 18-year-old girl in 1998 who was convicted of drug trafficking. There is not a single humane method of killing the murderer in law. Kronenwetter (2001, p.3) calls it deliberate, cold-blooded, brutal and uncivilized killing. And when it is about minorities like the Hispanics in Texas, it is the responsibility of the government to consider that they should not be left feeling that they are being treated violently just because they are minorities. Marquart et al. (1998, p.24) give statistics that minorities whic h included blacks and Hispanics are more likely to be put to capital punishment as compared to whites. Many researchers argue that the capital punishment is proved in Bible because there are statements in Bible which say that whoever shed man’s blood should be done the same. Researchers talk about the biblical aspects of it and come to the conclusion that it is supported by God. However, the scripture can be interpreted in several different ways. The statement may also mean banishment of the murderer from

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A quel point la perscution des minorits refltait-elle la volont des Essay

A quel point la perscution des minorits refltait-elle la volont des forces d'occupation et quel point refltait-el - Essay Example La zone non occupee de la [France] et l'assistance necessaires administration economique.2 Il y avait des problemes majeurs. Les deux Francais et Britanniques ont combattu pour l'independance de la France. "Dans la campagne de 1940 les Francais se sont battus courageusement, mais ... [l]es Britanniques ont combattu beaucoup plus obstinement ... ».3 Pour donner un peu de contexte, l'Allemagne avait acquis une partie de la France qui a ete envahie par les gens.  «En occupant la moitie nord du pays et toute la cote Atlantique, l'Allemagne s'est approprie le partie la plus riche et le plus peuple de la France metropolitaine ».4 En raison de l'oppression de son peuple, la reputation de Vichy est a jamais ternie. "L'histoire de Vichy, en cette epoque, abonde en pareils trompe-l'?il ».5 A la defense du peuple juif, les combats ont a l'Est. "Par consequent, au cours de la plupart des annees de combats sur le front de l'Est (ou la majeure partie de l'armee allemande a ete engage), les conditions sont devenues de plus en plus semblables a celles sur le front occidental dans la Premiere Guerre mondiale ».6 Il semblait que beaucoup de gens meprisaient les Juifs, c'etait un sentiment populaire et a la mode d'epouser a l'epoque. "Meme apres la guerre, Xavier Vallat revendiquee, avec quelque raison, que l'anti-semitisme de Vichy avait reflechi volonte populaire. Dans les registres tenus par l'administration francaise au cours de 1940-1944 il ya des signes evidents de l'antipathie populaire pour les Juifs, en particulier pour les refugies juifs etrangers ... ... repandre sur les Juifs d'origine francaise ainsi  ».7 Pendant ce temps, le cerveau se cache derriere la disparition du peuple juif etait Adolf Hitler-autrichien d'origine juive, vilipende les juifs et les exalte la race aryenne ci-dessus toutes les autres races. "Tout le monde sait Adolf Hitler. Notions du Troisieme Reich et la Seconde Guerre mondiale, [assurer] la  «Fuhrer » un endroit sur [dans l'hist oire]. Mais la situation varie considerablement dans l'histoire de cet homme.†8 Allemands voulaient eliminer totalement le peuple juif. "[L'Allemand] Armee et la Marine ... [A] l'avantage de la situation ... nouvelle [s] de faire valoir leurs interets.†9 Les gitans ont ete un autre peuple qui ont ete persecutes par les Allemands. "Si les ambitions allemandes en France concernees les moyens de maximiser l'exploitation de l'economie francaise dans l'interet de l'Allemagne, Vichy a saisi l'occasion fournie par la conquete allemande de realiser un [efficace] purge de la societe francaise, et un remodelage de la France a son image ».10 La persecution de toute personne consideree comme anormale a ete facilement acceptee par la societe francaise. Cette  «purge » de la societe francaise etait en effet l'un qui comprend un secteur important de personnes-des personnes handicapees, les personnes qui avaient des malformations congenitales, et cetera. Personne n'a ete epargne p ar le grand filet et le mal qui a ete coule pour tous ceux qui ont regarde differemment, agi differemment, ou ont vecu d'une maniere differente que le reste de la dynamique de la societe.Le francais de la