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Week 5 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 2

Week 5 - Assignment ExampleWhen there is such a rapport between the mentor and the mentee, there is a continuous development of life skills among the mentees. Life skills developed include assertiveness, goal setting skills, time legal transfer methods, critical thinking, creative thinking, c arer awareness, conflict resolution, finance management and decision-making. A mentor also assists the mentee in obtaining extra resources especially when it comes to education issues. He is a resource broker. He guides and advocates for the rights of the mentee. He is a professional manager rather than a counselor. He does increase the ability to interact with diverse people from miscellaneous economic, social, political, and cultural backgrounds. It is possible especially through introduction into various workplace and school settings, and talking with people with different diverse behavior, character and attitude. All these are qualities my mother, who has been the best mentor in my life, which she possesses.She has been a real mentor to me and has portrayed excellent positive qualities of a mentor. She is a good listener, always listening to my pleas even. She is easy when I need her most, especially when am discouraged and at the verge of giving up. She is such a caring and responsible adult. Essentially, she is my role model, and I do aspire to be like her. Even when I fail in a few areas, she does not give up on me, but shows me there is still a new room for

Marketing trend (Internet and online marketing) Assignment

Marketing trend (Internet and online marketing) - Assignment ExampleIt will also discuss how these online marketing trends effects on the consumer buy process and its pertinent impacts.There are several online marketing trends in the business world. Some of the almost common trends include deals and rewards, mobile push marketing, mobile pull marketing, proximity marketing, local online marketing, globalization and three-screen marketing among others (Caroline, 2004). The buying behavior of consumers is acknowledged as a contemporary topic in online marketing. This is because the e-marketers usually focus on the find out they have on their marketing efforts and web experience. Furthermore, the e-marketers are supposed to understand their role in shaping up the virtual experience of their customers (Caroline, 2004). Business experts stagecoach out that the most crucial step in online marketing involves the capability of having the maximum impact on the internet users. The buying process of the consumers is also depict as a learning procedure which involves decision making and processing the required information.The internet has drastically affected and changed the buying process as numerous products continue to be advertized through the internet (Whitehead, 2009). Marketers should, therefore, try to understand the internet and how they might use it to their advantage to increase sells, as well as buying decisions. These days, a majority of consumers do not follow the customary purchasing route of going out to shop for their products (Whitehead, 2009). The purchasing route was a pregnant guideline to marketers on how to plan their proceedings. A purchasing channel was the trend for many years, and then came the internet. In the purchasing channel, consumers started with the potential brands and then singled down to the most the product with great quality.Back in the days, the purchasing channel sounded logical to both the marketers and consumers. It was a proper way of locating the product that a psyche

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Science Lab 2 Report Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Science 2 - Lab Report ExampleUsing MuseLAB, a log will represent the hurricane and separate six red lizards from the main group present in the mainland. Afterwards, the log shifted toward an island distant from the mainland and represented by a wet patch of grass and undergrowth. This shift was another six red lizards to the wet patch of grass and undergrowth. The MuseLAB software will animate the changes in the color of the two isolated populations as they differentiate in line with the conditions of the new surroundings. Animations of the different colors of both groups of lizards should account for a physical trait candid of being passed down to the next generations.The effect of the six red lizards maintained their cover in the mainland even after three generations. On the other hand, the offspring of the other group of lizards in the island slowly adopted green bodies after three generations.The six red lizards use this body color to mimic a different species of extremely po isonous lizards within the same ecosystem. The hurricane did not separates these two spaces thereby allowing the offspring to maintain the red color three generations down the line. In contrast, the brown lizards adopted a green body color to achieve optimal camouflage in a surrounding with thick green vegetation and

Fashion Glasses and Contact Lenses Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Fashion Glasses and Contact Lenses - Essay ExampleThe essay Fashion Glasses and Contact Lenses discovers the Glasses and Contact Lenses in Fashion. Style and fashion is associated with social status, cultural background of people belonging to various social groups. Changes in tastes and fashions call for innovations in design, quality and use of materials that conjure up aesthetic values associated with the product. Gasses and contact lenses have evolved into fashion objects and undergone radical changes keeping in tune with the technological developments, though utility value of these products cannot be underestimated. combine of fashion and utility in fact ensured sustainable growth of the eye glasses as fashion objects of style and fashion in the industry. When people atomic number 18 under compulsion to go for glasses either for vision correction or protection of their eyes, the next logical decision in buying involves prim selection of glasses. This decision is based on seve ral factors which ar guided mostly by cultural background of the consumer. But, the important aspects of decision making are style and fashion, keeping in mind the personality and social status of the person. Values are the beliefs or ideals shared by people in a culture which influences a persons behaviour and attitude. In study of fashion emphasis is on the way in which the objects of fashion such as jewellery, garments and accessories like shoes and glasses acquire meaning in specific historical and cultural contexts. Tilley, C. stated The concept of objectification may be held.

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Family Autobiography Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Family Autobiography - Essay ExampleFamily and consumer sciences are a set of aspects that combines societal and natural sciences for better understanding of the relationship that an individual shares in a society (Enrique, Howk and Huitt 1-18).The essay elaborates on my family background and ideologies, which have an influence on my development. In addition, the section of economics and social mannequin along with their impact on my development has been explained. Moreover, special emphasis has been provided on the different positive and negative impacts of enatic sell.A. I belong to a Persian family and am the youngest son of my parents. I am younger of the two sons of my parents. I am brought up under set guidelines that are followed within an Islamic religion. I am 21 historic period old and am close to my parents. I belong to an upper middle class family and reside with my parents and my elder buddy. On a scale of 0 to 10, I would rate myself 8 points in terms of happines s. The family I belong to is supportive and provides me with extensive mental strengths to carry out my tasks. Furthermore, I have certain duties to carry out in my family by taking care of my parents as my elder brother is working outside and most of the time stays out. Owing to the fact that my brother stays out, I have to perform the major duties of my family and take care of my parents. Besides family responsibilities, I have been also efficiently performing the responsibilities that are to be undertaken in a society. These responsibilities include different relationship and bonding that I have with my peers, teachers and other people I am associated with in the society.B. I am the youngest member of my family. I have an elder brother named Arash, who is 24 years old and is working in the UAE. Initially, I used to feel that being younger provides me with a lot of preferences and gives me all the freedom. Being the

Recording labels and music marketing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Recording labels and music marketing - Essay ExampleIn the article give the Price there is a new owner of EMI Universal. Rivals of EMI are challenged with an opportunity to expand all over the world. Moreover, our study looks at UK albums and singles sales amid the beginning of 2011 and the artists and assets behind 44% of EMIs album sales, which will have to be divested in 2012 and about 30% of UK singles sales must expand. These impressive figures underline the fact that a challenging environment of the modern music industry sets the pace of a competitive development in this field. This is a complicated basis for future performance of the Company internationally. Moreover, divestments experienced by the Company can lead it to huge losses. It is hard to believe, but the artists, whose creative works and developments were rooted in this Company, are now leaving it. Artists and assets are to be sold off by Universal behind 44% of EMIs UK album sales in 18 months to the end of June 2012. This Company sold 20.4 million albums in UK between January 2011 and June 2012 with to-be-divested Parlophone label behind more than 3 million of them. The Company must let go albums of very popular artists, such as David Guetta, Kate Bush, Eliza Doolittle and some others. EMIs to-be-divested share of the Now Franchise equated to more that 2.4 million UK album sales in 18th months period. thither are some interests of the competitors in the field of music industry, which are violated. Nevertheless, it should be mentioned that some artists stay with the Company.

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Cae Inc. Recommendation To Acquire Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Cae Inc. Recommendation To Acquire - Essay ExampleThese recommendations are ground on the previous analysis of the blottos current surgical procedure and Strengths, Weakness Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) analysis. An accord recommendation is established by an optimal comparison of numerical figures, estimating average values to the closest integer. In most cases, a non-US based research is more suitable for determining the future of the company since the company operates internationally in 20 countries (CAE Global Academy Official site, 2012). Recommendations to Acquire With prolongation to the levels two year expense target range, it is prudent to conclude that the companys agreed price to acquire is $ 13.6 for the shares of the firm (Zacks investment funds Research, 2012). The price targets are determined by approximating the future earnings per security and then making use of the multiple of price to earnings commonly cognise as the price earnings ratio. As shown in the diagram below it would be appropriate for the company to acquire another firm when the share price is at its highest level since the target firm will be forced to lower its share price in preference for a better playacting firm such as CAE Inc. at the lowest share price which is less than $ 9.50 the company will not be in a point to acquire the target firm given the many different rivals in the market. Source Attachments From the SWOT analysis in the preliminary report earlier on handed, it is noted that the company has a variety of opportunities usable which includes the underdeveloped health care and mining industries (Annual Report of the CAE. 2012). This analysis is important to the firm as it would be appropriate for it to make bid for the firms in the respective industries at 10Am or 1 Pm when the days share prices are selling at a maximum share offer. As shown in the diagram below the quoted price is highest at $ 10.08 at the indicated times. Thus the assumption from the d iagram below is that the bids to be considered by the firm must be launched at either 10am or 1pm for the respective firms. Source Attachments The company must not ignore the potential threats available which include the reduction in the defense services and military markets globally as well as the escalating fuel and the energy prices. These must be taken into consideration when making bids for the target firm. The price consented to must incorporate possible impact of the rise in the fuel prices. This is to avoid loss making in the first years of operation after the takeover or acquisition process. The process of acquisition entails various costs which must not be ignored by the financial analysts of the firm. In this point of view, it is necessary for the company to bear in mind the momentum of the analysts reviews. Notably, there seem to be a plus or constructive analysis or prediction of the firms future growth. The momentum stands at 7 of 9 approximations predicting an upwar d growth of the firm by an EPS mean change of 1.33 by the year 2013 (CAE Global Academy Official site, 2012). The valuation of the firm is considerably high which must be in line with the potential target firms. From the preliminary report, it has been noted with a lot of concern that the Healthcare market which is one of the main areas of operations by the firm has a diversity of shortcomings and opportunities.