Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Preparing the marketing audit for market entry Essay

Preparing the marketing audit for market entry - Essay Example It is true that Minute maid may face problems initially due to lack of brand awareness. But, effective brand value and strong customer base of Coca Cola can help Minute maid to attract the target customers. This report will recommend some valuable marketing and business operation strategies for the Coca Cola Company in order to implement them for the future growth of Minute maid in England. Introduction This report is a marketing audit including an in-detailed internal and external marketing environment analysis of an organization. The report will conduct a marketing audit for the Coca Cola Company. Minute Maid is one of the popular product lines of beverages of Coca Cola Company. This particular product line is not available in England. The report will conduct a market entry and marketing analysis of Minute Maid in the potential England market. Minute Maid is one of the popular product lines of beverages, generally associated with orange juice or lemonades. The Coca Cola Company is the parent organization of Minute Maid. ... Moreover, demand for fruit juices is significantly increasing among the people of England. On the other hand, Minute Maid earned huge popularity and preference among the people around the globe due to is quality and characteristics (Lorat, 2009, p.23). Now-a-days, people are becoming health conscious. In addition to this, demand for healthy fruit juices is increasing among health conscious people. Therefore, it would be effective if the Coca Cola Company choose to introduce Minute Maid in potential England market (McDonald, 2007, p.39). PESTEL Analysis This external environmental analytical tool will help the organization to determine the future impact of external environmental factors on the performance of Minute Maid in England. Political England is politically stable country. The government of the country is trying to motivate the food and beverage organizations to produce and supply healthy food items in order to secure good health and safety of people (Bradley, 2006, p.90). Ther efore, the government is trying to develop several legislations for the organizations to force them to produce healthy food products. Economical Recent financial crisis and economic slowdown affected the purchasing power of people (Cheverton, 2005, p.76). It is important for the organization to implement economic pricing strategy for Minute Maid in order to support the purchasing power of common people. Social Demand for high carbonated soft drink food products are decreasing due to several health issues and negative consequences (Dawson, 2000, p.71). People are trying to shift from high carbonated soft drink products to the healthy fruit juices. Technological England is technologically developed country (Dobkin, 2007, p.82). The

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