Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Americans Start to Curb Their Thirst for Gasoline Article

Ameri can buoys Start to Curb Their Thirst for Gasoline - Article ExampleSome consumers can also maintain the enjoyment subject to believe that the prices will stabilize in a short while. Some consumers can resort to other skill sources like wind energy and geothermal energy sources.The automobile industry is engaging in technologically innovative ways of providing an alternative to accelerator pedal consumption. The industry is producing hybrid class of vehicle, which can survive on rechargeable battery energy. The demand for gasoline has not decreased by a great margin given that there is a shift in the demand for gasoline. According to Campoy motor vehicles are considerably cheap and fuel efficient thus people could not stop purchasing cheap vehicle because of increase in gasoline prices (27). Most of the working class people drive to work .In this regard, they could not avoid work all in all due to gasoline price advance. The demand increase for vehicles during this period of gasoline increase culminated in a considerable increase in the demand for gasoline. This is because gasoline and motor vehicle are complementary goods, which have a positive price correlation. This is the reason for the shift in the demand for gasoline. This explains how the Americans have managed to solve the hike in prices of

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