Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Are More Violent Than Ever Essay

In our live time today, there boast been many a(prenominal) another(prenominal) issues concerning our fashion in the society. Philosophers for ages have been perusal why man behaves so at he is. Still, no singular conjecture for human behavior has been developed. It is Copernican for a society to be in a peaceful and orderly expression. If societies have citizens with inappropriate behavior then it may running to chaos in the community. Having orderly manner is one key factor in making up a community. If the residuum between these factors is disturbed then it could poke out to trouble.One of the alarming issues in our spring chicken today is the emergence number of forcefulness in our offspring today. One important public health problem that demand to be resolved immediately is spring chicken madness. This problem usually leads to death and fatalities. In a 2003 test, 5,570 young nation that were from the ages of 10 to 24 were murdered. An average of 15 young mu rders is committed each day. Most of the victims were killed from the overlook of firearms much(prenominal)(prenominal) as guns. 750,000 young people between the ages of 10 to 24 were rush along to hospitals and clinics be motility of the injuries they have sustained by fury.( young person force, Facts planer) there have been many reports of check shooting, juvenility accessing fire arms, youth baseless acts in the community. Most of the teens ar expected to be in give lessonss and sadly, school violence today is increasing similarly. In 2004, a nationwide survey was conducted in high schools. The survey showed that 17% students confirm they brought a dangerous weapon inside(a) their school premises. Around 6% of the teenagers who were query that were attending school stated that they purposely missed a school geezerhood because they felt threatened inside their school grounds.The survey in addition showed that bullying is growing to a serious problem in schools to day. In the survey, 30% of students in sixth and 10th grade were said to be a bully, a target of a bully or both. The survey also stated that 33% of the students were said to be involved in a corporeal fight in their school. The institution that the children should be being educated is now also evident of violence. It is a fact that violence in teenagers are increasing. ( spring chicken Violence, Facts Sheet Prevention National Center for blot Prevention and Control Prevention Youth essay Behavior Surveillance join States)There are some factors that cause violence in our teens today. One of which is goggle box and media. Violence on Television happens in most of its programs and 5 times more(prenominal) in cartoons which are viewed by children. Studies have revealed that violence on goggle box and media affects the behavior and attitudes of its viewers, especially the children who watch it. A study shows that a minimum of 8,000 murders and 100,000 other acts of violence on tel evision and media has been witnessed by a child at the age of 12.There is much violence in the media, such as in music, cartoons, wrestling shows or movies, which corrupts the children attuned to it and makes them recognize violence and thus, increases violent behavior. Sadly, children spend most of their time watching television and playing violent video games than analyse and being in their classrooms. (Prevention Youth Risk Behavior SurveillanceUnited States) some other cause of violence in our youth is violence at office. Teenagers who are get violence in there home, whether it is through with(p) to them or to other family members, would also fit violent.A young persons home have a ample effect on him. Violence in homes are caused by multiple factors such as past violent encounters in the violent family members home and also by poverty or being in the underclass which causes dysfunctional ties within the family. The poor monitoring of a child in a commencement parent en vironment would likely let go of that child to violence. The child would practice violent acts outside his home, just following what he observes inside the house. (Mercy J Teen Violence)

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