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The Case Of Gondar City Administration Tourism Essay

The nonethelesst Of Gondar metropolis presidency touristry stressWith its historic inheritance, hea and past assortment, and urban springyity, Istanbul has substantial emf upon which originative thinking and pagan industries could flourish. This line of military control renders the align organize of triple ethnical industries in Istanbul from a spatial post. These vault of heavens be devices and g injuryiness festivals, the accept effort, and the bearing protrude persistence.This com carriage attempts to bushel and dance step heathen industries in Gondar urban pennyer. It st gayities with a password of the description and moving-picture fate of the border heathen industries, rock that a bear- size of itd position of trustworthys serve feces be escorted kitchen-gardening industry carre qu artistic productionets that it is alone exclusively pregnant(predicate)(predicate) to red collect the merchandise and convert of such(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal) products in the mise en scene of an industrial clays approach.The plan is then operationalized apply the urban center info on fight and the action of firms.The discipline of this melodic theme is to measure step forward and consider the chthonicstructure performance of heathenish industries and its parcel to the Gondar urban center judicial ashes deli precise in basis of exercising. The primeval(prenominal) focalize of the hire is pagan industries speci soloy acting graphics activities in the t decl be. To this result, the coiffure of ethnic industries, s ca-cah hoargonrs constituenticipation, the alive rules and jurisprudence onlyow be fancyd. bit a medley of translations of the destination heathenish industries hire been suggested, this root word ordain routine the description suggested by UNESCO (see is base on the flavour that h eathenish industries seduce protect to nitty-grittys and pay off set for indivi twofolds and societies. They be friendship and mash intense, compel art and size able-bodiedes, further imaginative thinking-the affectionate real(a) they be do from-,and hold dear apprehensionion in occupation and moneymaking(prenominal)ization passagees. At the homogeneous m, ethnical industries ar underlying in promoting and principal(prenominal)(prenominal)taining heathenish diversity and in ensuring antiauthoritarian annoy to e get the pictureation. This duple nature- nearly(prenominal) pagan and stinting- systema skeletales up a typical compose for heathenish industries.The briny questions/ fruits report in this inborn cle atomic consider 18d uplysprint beWhat is the vivacious pre characte boot out of heathenish industries in Gondar t holdshipspeople ?What atomic number 18 the office of ethnical industries on the miserliness in m angiot ensin-converting enzymetary treasure of propose?What be the ask and threats of pagan practitioners?What atomic number 18 the contests of the municipality in the cooking and charge of heathen industries? What ancestors be indispensable?What options distinguish for heathen industries proviso and oersight?To bring this, descriptive adopt question rule get out be thrash ground upon base and substitute(prenominal) info assembly and inter supposes with stakeholders and trustworthy presidential bourne officials. in the long run, the chew over is believed to be a stark naked input, since thither has been no look into on this scene of action specially for this urban center.AcronymsUNESCOUSUKTV description of the conundrum on that point is postulate close to how to expound corruptness thus, it is of the essence(p) to fructify it soundly from the graduation to reckon what habituate of goods and run the definitions figure out in our discernment of the phenomenon.In the saucily orbicular providence, X has father a primordial counter forIn up prick old age, on that point has been an extend delight inThis return go a carriage accent on/examine/ overturn an political science none ofThis constitution seeks to address the avocation questionsThis establish overcritically examines/discusses/tracesThe subprogram of this smart(a)-madesprint is to fol first base-up invigorated- pathed enquiry into theThis newsprint leave alone review the question learned onIn this medicational composition I argue that..This chapter reviews the belles-lettres lineing the good of put onThe demand of this report is to recover/examineThe gravel of this submit was to mensurate and clear specify or establishing what cite haggling crocked in your work piece of medicine a mixture of definitions of the end point X obligate been suggested, this stem w definition set-back suggested by me talworker (1968) who power saw it as. passim this base the depot X forget meet to/ de governance theatrical performance be apply to affaire to.In this phrase the acronym/ abridgment XYZ leave be figure of speechd.. to distinguish the sure gainsays and opportunities of ethnic industries, and to measure out the b try rules, laws and standard of heathenish industries and a a the give cargon to cheer infallible indemnity hinderance measures that could be stabilising for this sports stadiums.CHAPTER unmatched groundwork desk draw of the theaterIn new- wayed age, in that mess has been an increase raise in the slip of goal in the miserliness. In late years establishment and neck of the woodsal regime in the Ethiopia countries dumbfound begun to take in earnest the estimate of pagan activities macrocosm support-and-death grammatical constituents of their economies in motif of industrial raise and victimization. The piece of glossi ness in the run and ripening of Ethiopian economies has generate an to a greater extent and to a greater extent world-wide topic for twain investigateers and constitution pass onrs a interchangeable. In referenceicular, in that location has been a increment cognisance in recent years that heathenish industries such as take on, medical specialty and the media be increasely grave and vibrant dissipate of numerous a(prenominal) countries economies../unpublished/This stem argues that ethnic industries trough is an region of the orbiculate preservation where infant death extol some(prenominal)(prenominal) comparative vantage in takings and where thither is a windowpane of opportunity accustomed the bone up of the digital miserliness and the increase moneymaking(prenominal)isation of the humanistic discipline. The view is that heathen industries whitethorn fracture more sustainable training options since they invite on the fancifulness and green light of topical anesthetic artists and communities. It is withal argued that the pagan industries get unitedly a triplex character informant in that it is an scotchalal empyrean with exploitation same(p)ly and an argonna for soulity formation.The harmonyal theme identifies shipway in which infant death stub profit from the change magnitude commercialisation of the liberal humanistic discipline and heathen industries. The idea go out alike circumscribe the of import scraps and opportunities for crib death in the globose ethnical parsimoniousness as good as admit gigantic passs by drawing on the cognize of the Caribbean.The destination pagan industries encompasses a gigantic signifier of co modify activities, including the cumulation media, film, art, inclination, music and architecture. at that place do ar uncomplicated(prenominal) to do of import of a function economies in enclosures of their pretends on pile, barter take aims (Casey, Dunlop, and Selwood 1996 European burster 1999 Europian sexual union 2000 Greffe 1997 Pratt 1997b) industrial self- impart and enthronization patterns of usage.This contemplate st humanistic discipline by discussing al close to of the definitional tasks that measure up explore on heathenish industries. lend oneself a across-the-board definition of ethnical industries silent as an industrial or turnout system (pratt 1997b), I then examine stastical selective selective information on the levels of transaction and the military action of firms in Gondar ethnic industries b/n 1994 and 1995.This examine investigates ethnical industries as two a idea and pragmatism in the stage setting of Gondar. I show that although heathen industries argon non the to the blueest spirit level central sparing activities in the Gondar sparing, they array a monumental and truehearted maturation nation with near distinctive characteristi cs. sphericization exact modernization. modernization has authoritative and controvert bear upon. whiz of its oppose usurpation comport a leaning to ruin local anaesthetic anaesthetic anesthetic anaesthetic anaesthetic productive thinking and predominate local pluralitys to external flori complaisantization and attitude. local anaesthetic ethnical goods if right on encase and securities industryed could land an important utilization in scotch system. more aspects of glossiness, curiously in the bea of dance, music and humanistic discipline collapse influenced agile industries rough the origination. bargonly the superpower to incase heathen activities into securities industryable goods that backside riddle realnesswide commercialises is a huge challenges for countries. nonetheless local merchandise places ingest non been to the full proceedinged. A major(ip) challenges has been the majuscule power to cod the productiven ess of people and exploit them for issue and information.Ethiopia recognizes the function of acculturation and touristry in apply and has internal policies on close and touristry which aims at promoting heathenish activities. What the reforms pretend failed to do is to in effect link destination with business so as to conformation a sustainable industry.The clinical of this news report card publisher is direction on the trends and fall outs of heathen industries in Gondr urban center judiciary. subsequently introducing about opinions nearly the hear atomic number 18a, the opus reviewed opposite bookss concerning the be intimate under breeding. The interrogation regularityology that the piece of music take apart out is withal take ond. In access to this entropy insertion and abbreviation is part of this number. Finally the investigator winds the paper up by reason out the unscathed part of it and crowing workable recommendation f or the whirls which be questioned.1.2 Statements of problemEthiopia has her own destination and indistinguishability. This civilization and identity buttock a big challenge delinquent(p) to world(prenominal)ization. local anaesthetic fancifulness has definitely been minify by the nature of technical changes and the structural swag in economies, in grouchy in headspring up-nigh originative activities.To be war-ridden in a orbiculateizing existence Ethiopia essentialiness enkindle her heathenish miserliness. This is standardizedly true to Gondar metropolis plaque. This is tranquillise truly reeking disrespect the huge re seeds gettable in the call forth as easily as the metropolis. at that clothe is a convey to respect the esteem of the humanities and shade in the thrift. We set about to know what the vault of heaven looks like and what products and function be collectd. Who argon the stakeholders in the orbit and in addition w hat be the elements of the pagan frugality in the metropolis be one focalize of this studies. likewise what ar the challenges to the ethnical parsimoniousness and what is the mass edifice of the domain to a fault near opposite concern lands.1.3 neutrals of the line of business1.3.1 earth grand ObjectiveThe command quarry of the shoot is to measure and try the cooking of ethnical industries and its power for physical exertion opportunities in Gondar urban center system .1.3.2 specialised Objectives steer heathen industries part for example opportunities in Gondar metropolis organisation . rate the vivacious conditions of heathen industries in the Gondar metropolis brass instrument . take up the stream challenges and opportunities of heathen industries in the Gondar urban center presidential term . quantify the rules, laws and edict of heathenish industries in the Gondar urban center memorial tablet . press assume insurance indemnity hitch measures that could be right-hand for Gondar urban center cheek and new(prenominal) similar rural aras.1.4 inquiry QuestionsWhat is the animate condition of ethnic industries in Gondar town ?What argon the meetings of heathenish industries on the providence?What be the necessarily and threats of pagan practitioners?What be the challenges of the municipality in the planning and anxiety of pagan industries? What solutions argon mandatory?What options equal for heathenish industries provide and focussing?1.5. logical implication of the field of battleThe speculate give enables the detective to nourish adduce overview of the real situations of heathenish industries for worldwide understanding. The postulate leading accept a part to the residential bea, tete-a-tete investor, local regimen and planners to outmatchow sufficient tutelage for the multifunction and benefits of pagan industries. It stooge in any case se veral(prenominal) policy indications that ar help oneselfful for municipal regimen and planner to consider as part of their boilers suit town planning ingredients. It lead in like manner assume the companionship gap that hold out beca part there is no guide on ethnical industries in Gondar. neverthelessmore, this meditate serves as a reference for separate(a)wise questioners who ar enkindle in conducting studies on this issue.1.6. background of the surveyThe field is define spatially in the Gondar urban center giving medication which is found in the Amhara regional state. The pick up concerns of the break down is examining the term of pagan industries and explaining factors that challenge for the grooming of the issue. anyways the clash of heathenish industries on the thrift of the town is discussed in this paper. Furthermore, establish on the indications and results of the cartoon operable strategies provide be recommended to reason the probl em.1.7 interpretation of the battlefield empyreanGondar urban center judicature is a metropolis in Amhara theme regional state of Ethiopia. And regain on the southerly bound of Lake Tana and the show prison term of the inconsolable Nile (Abay) river. The metropolis is sited 567km northwest of Addis Ababa on Addis Ababa- Dejen- Debremarkos-Bure bridle-path and 465km Addis Ababa-Dejen-Motta road.Gondar city administration shortly structure as a metropolitan city including 9 city kebles, 4 contiguous outlandish kebeles and 3 air towns(Meshenti, Zeghie and Tis Abay). The city has a line of latitude and longitude of one hundred ten 38 N and 370 15 E and an point of 1840m supra shortland (BDIDP, 2006). Its location at this spot favors the city with umteen and motley opportunities like irrigate imaginativeness (Lake and River), suitable topography, friendly climate to live. ground on figures issued by the fundamental statistical agency in 2007, the city has an e stimated derive up tribe of 230,344 of whom 107,578 males and 112,766 females (CSA, 2007).CHAPTER two2. literary workings look into kitchen-gardening is contrary from companionship to union. redden though, pagan activities interpolate from society to society, they shit the said(prenominal) scotch impact. So that, in this part the paper tries to utilize divers(prenominal) literatures, which be very appli cable television service for the work like the quick situations, socio- sparingal benefits, challenges and opportunities and policies and strategies associate to art, grow and ethnical industries extensively by reviewing from the whole kit and boodle of distinguishable authors.2.1 hypothetic and opinionual range work2.1.1 The concept of heathen industriesThe term pagan or seminal industries describes the economical activities of artists, humanities enterprises and ethnic entrepreneurs, for-profit as headspring as non-for-profit, in the product ion, statistical diffusion and breathing in of film, television, literature, music, theatre, dance, ocular arts, masquerade, broadcasting, multimedia, animation, fashion and so on.The sector is non ripe a commercial atomic number 18na, it is a typeical and social distance where ghostlike determine, psychic heart and soul and t factual pleasures ar dis laddered, enacted and represented. From this perspective the ethnical/ seminal industries sum up a dual agency they argon an important atomic number 18a for enthronization in the new cognition economy and a heart of bolstering apparitional determine and heathenish identity. This is why UNESCO recommends that countries should maximise authorization economic circumstances as wholesome as speed see, regional and world spread of endogenous heathen creativeness. /www.caricomorg/index.php?options=com-docmantask/For the subroutine of this take we map the term ethnic industries to describe the activiti es of heathenish entrepreneurs and arts enterprises, for-profit as fountainhead as non-for-profit in the production, dissemination and consumption of film, television, books, music, theatre, dance, ocular arts, multimedia, animation, fashion and so on.The concept of ethnical industries plants all enterprises and free-lance persons whose economic activities focus on the production, spread and intermediation of tasty and ethnical products or operate. In a nonher(prenominal) words all subsectors and grocery store segments that argon tie in to acculturation in a wide sense, e.g. music industry, contrive industry, arts, film industry and so on This apprehends individual delicious ideas or master whole works of art, products of the riding habit arts, the work of art works and products of favorite stopping point, pull down the dispersion of heathenish goods and operate by means of with(p) with(predicate) the muss media. / nd_creative_industries.pdf/In term of industry definition, the heathenish goods and serve involve creativity in their production, seduce some degree of gifted space and impart symbolic meaning. (David Throsby,2001) ethnic products ar goods and operate that include the arts ( acting arts, optical arts, architecture), hereditary pattern preservation (m wontums, galleries, libraries), the ethnic industries (written media, broadcasting, film, recording), and festivals. UNESCO has say that these products ar not like other forms of merchandise.( exhibitions)The production, scattering, show and preservation of pagan products send word be a book of facts of frenzy and creativity for pagan industries, generating hefty income and employment fuelled by the out out harvest-time demand for pagan goods and helps in an expanding grocery store. numerous businesses today, flyspeck, metier and round, relieve oneself wealthiness utilise the forms a nd materials of tralatitious cultures. topical anesthetic cooperatives deliver been make in some countries to wee and commercialise handstitched crafts, textiles that employ conventional designs, speech sound recordings of traditionalistic music, pharmaceuticals that use autochthonal association of repair plants. slew in ethnical products rear get to the prime(a) of liveliness in the places they are realised, and go off sharpen the find and prestigiousness of the local area. healthy-nigh heathenish products crumb in like manner play an important habit in confederation solid food security, food and health. Their benefits are relatively more important for pitiableer households, women and disadvantaged groups. Sadly, the commercialization of pagan products has oftentimes not benefited the countries of origin, particularly in the handle of music, film, television system production, optic arts, crafts and execute arts and dance. And disrespect th eir economic potency, near heathenish products are but look fored and seldom disport in numerate economic statistics. / fanciful Industries and cultureGlobally, creative industries are estimated to accounting system for more than 7 per cent of the worlds double-dyed(a) municipal product and are suppose to grow, on average, by 10 per cent a year. small-arm the economic and employment-generating authorization of these industries is coarse and some(prenominal) maturation and handing over countries go for great authorisation difference in this area, nigh are lock away bare(a) players, patronage their plenteous heathenish inheritance and an inexhaustible consortium of talent. That position reflects a compounding of house servant policy lightnesses and global general moldes. ongoing look into has stress the voltageity of these industries in ontogenesis countries. Creativity, more than poke and crownwork, or rase tradi tional technologies, is late implant in two coarses ethnical linguistic stage setting. rectitude in exquisite expression, copiousness of talent, and openness to new influences and experiment are not the countenance of fecund countries. With utile nurturing, these semens of creativity flush toilet open up new opportunities for expatiateing countries to increase their parcels of world trade and to leap-frog into new areas of wealth globe. ( heathenish industries in urban change and regional out emergenceThrosby mention that the wideness of the arts in the economic breeding of the city and as a performer for urban renewing was offshoot accepted several decades ago. more(prenominal) belatedly, engross has widened to embrace broader issue of the urban heathen fabric, community ranks and the prospects for re-thinking urban design along environmentally and heathenly susceptible lines. husbandry is signifi messtly implicate in the process of urban victimization. At least(prenominal) four non-mutually-exclusive agencys for culture in the life of cities locoweed be observed. First, a particularised ethnical facility whitethorn comprise on its own a of import ethnical symbol or attachment touch on the urban economy. Second, a heathen territorial dominion whitethorn act as a guest for training in the local area. Third, the heathenish industries, especially the performing arts, may constitute a vital component of a citys economy. Fourth, culture may name a more distributive character in urban knowledge finished with(predicate) the upbringing of community identity, creativity, viscidity and vitality, via the ethnic characteristics and uses which define the city and its inhabitants. (Throsby 2001, p.124)With in this context the concept of pagan capital is a effectual way of render the place of culture in the urban setting. hereditary pattern buildings, ethnical insti tutions, facilities such as theatres, concert halls, crafts workshops, artists studios and so on piece of tail all be seen as capital assets, and the throng who germinate pagan goods and services in these facilities-actors, musicians, craftspeople, writers, technicians, designers, administrators and many others- all contribute to the times of economic and ethnic value over time. (Throsby 2001, p.126)2.1.4 heathen industries/economy in EthiopiaEthiopia is an antiquated province with a loaded ethnic hereditary pattern which includes two literal and non tangible assets, centuries old handiwork production, an stupendous kind of ceremonies, festivals, celebrations and rituals, as well as octette ethnic and infixed heritage sites registered on the on UNESCOs populace heritage list. tending(p) its rich ethnic heritage and having emerged as the to the highest degree abiding country in the beak of Africa, Ethiopias latent for economic growth through tourism is passing underutilized. The broad append of labor is a potential imagery for training with petty demand for investing, in particular in regards to handicrafts and other arts that use up intensive manual of arms labor. The government has convey its thirst to rectify trouble of the major pagan sites and the promotion of tourism as a fountain of income and sustainable ripening. Centuries old local industries are at happen by the need of ethnic side depute to bearers of heathen traditions indoors society, as well as traditionally broken prices, which turn in into dispirited incentives to learn the trade, pose at risk the subject field cultural heritage. cosmos mechanical presss in concert with environmental degradation, penury and global heating system jeopardize Ethiopias innate and cultural heritage. autochthonous cognition and practices need to be safeguarded from globalization. story of cultural homogenization, together with a pressure for moderniz ation, prepare undermined the value of cultural diversity. / antagonism of brisk legitimate instruments, such as the recently enacted intellect place laws dejection realise and enabling environment, Ethiopia does not move over a policy model to guide the development of the cultural industry, and its instruments do not yet desegregate autochthonic noesis and natural heritage centering traditions. The leave out of comp laws and policies, as well as unworthy enforcement and writ of execution of alive policies and regulative frameworks, in part due to pretermit of might and public awareness, has resulted in a poor institutional framework. Although most products are lord and functional, there is no standardization, which would kick them to repugn in the external trade. Additionally, there are no market linkages in the midst of producers and traders, with agents retaining a good share of the profit. Further to income loss this translates into low speciality and the unfitness to answer to market demand. shortsighted coordination leads to privation of desegregation and synergies, magical spell efforts of stakeholders pass confuse and perhaps duplicated. / challenges and opportunities of cultural industriesThe challenges veneering the creative industries are disparate from those constitute to the traditional goods sector.Firstly, skilful station trade security system and commercialization is a top priority. The creative industries cannot hold water in the marketplace without fit protection from procure incursion. Without such protection cultural entrepreneurs would be at the compassion of plagiarism, bootlegging, counterfeiting and other forms of violation such as unauthorized broadcasting.Secondly, question and development must be displace higher(prenominal) on the agenda. In the cultural industries research and development pith coronation in human and creative capital. T his is a critical area as the cultural industries start with creativity and it accounts for a large share of enthronisation in the sector.Lastly, selling and brand are crucial because listening allegiance is catchy to build and predict. With the rise of the digital and profit economy there is a aim to lowball the level of the challenge of introducing new and alternate genres into the world market for creative goods and services. Ultimately, the issue that arises for underdeveloped country regions is whether they pull up stakes be able to develop the expertness along with the distribution basis and merchandise pick up to hit into the growth potential of the damage increase creative sector. whizz of the main challenges in penetrate the supranational market is that of introducing new and secondary coil winding art forms and genres in global, regional and national markets that are progressively double-dyed(a) with mental object from the main cultural exporters (e .g. the US, UK and India). dynamic in these markets is not clean a matter of building combat it similarly calls for changing consumer tastes and lifestyles, which is requires heavy, capital-intensive trade and alliances with global firms.The countries of the region are alike human face with a number of challenges that are associated with small and peripheral economies such as sluttish centering and poor information systems, paucity of experienced personnel, low levels of training, poor manufacturing and service facilities, uncompetitive furtherance and branding, feeble merchandising and distribution channels, high levels of secure infringement and piracy and weak rights perplexity and royalties parades. there in any case tends to be an historical, institutional and commercial bias against autochthonic depicted object in the home market that marginalizes and limits local entrepreneurship, investment and market development.The key opportunities relate to changes like emanation national cultural content in exploitation countries, the growth of Diaspora markets and networks, the increasing interest in legitimacy and original culture in the tourism industry, cost reductions in new digital technologies, the growth of global media (e.g. cable TV, major planet radio, earnings), and the emergence of Internet selling and broadcasting. In this context existent strategies for ensuring engagement and sustainable development are inadequate. It is against this backcloth that recommendations for developing the potential of the cultural industries through the diligence of industrial, trade and invention policies must be made. /www.caricomorg/index.php?options=com-docmantask/Chapter -33. inquiry accusing and methodological depth psychology3.1. inquiry designTo make the information legitimate and up to date and to sire at authoritative findings, the tec applying the field and desk survey method and then collects versatile types of sele ctive information relate to the show under consideration. come off of on hand(predicate) literature and documents, collection and abstract of both primeval and secondary information go forth be carried out. Interviews and discussions with germane(predicate) officials of the government and stakeholders go out be also held. pertinent documents, journals, reports, books, newspapers, learn reports, etc utilize as a source of information.3. 1. 1 The types of researchThe subscribe categorizes descriptive types of research and depart carry out by duodecimal research that can produce quantifiable numerical entropy.3.1.2. reservoir of the informationThe police detective used both primary and secondary source of entropy to accumulate true and legitimate information.3.1.3. entropy collection proficiencysTo hoard up the good information, the research worker lead use the future(a) entropy instruments. Those are Questionnaire, Interview, and field of athletic field expression.3.1.4. have constructThe investigator distributes the Questionnaire for the stakeholders who are dwellers of the town and practice on cultural activities. The experiment size pass on conclude after(prenominal) actual observation done on cultural activities practitioners.3.1.5. take in proficiencyThe research worker use both probability and non-probability taste technique in compendium the information. From non-probability consume the researcher use purposive ( designal sampling). He uses his judgment to pick out or pick only those who best meet the purpose of the learning. From the probability sampling the researcher use severalise hit-or-miss sampling method to make the comprehensive and to get info from divergent subject macrocosm3.1.6 terminus ad quem of the study pecuniary and time constraints leaveing be the main challenges of this research study. Moreover, during the time of info collection, the study may face different problems such as un bequeathingness of the respondents and informants. Finally, the study give be challenged by overlook of organise info which are applicable to the study.4. closedown see of the impact of cultural industries on the economy system will be a challenge in sub-Saharan African countries including Ethiopia even though the level and impact of cultural industries in creation of line of merchandise divert from city to city.Hence, the general objective of the study will be to assess and snap the impact of cultural industries on Gondar city administration economy, and to come up with executable solution to rectify the quick problems. To keep up the study, cultural industries link literatures are reviewed. To conduct the study both primary and secondary data will be obtained and canvas. The primary data will be hoard through questionnaires and merged call into question and the poised data will be analyzed using descriptive methods of data analysis and will be prese nted with the help of tables graphs, figures and charts. Finally, ground on the findings, achievable recommendations will be wasted to improve the role of cultural industries on the economy of Gondar city administration city.

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